Web Corp offers a variety of out of the box solutions for your business needs. We will assess your future goals and do whatever is needed to achieve them for now and for years to come.

Web Corp Inc. : Areas of Expertise

  • A leader in E-commerce solutions for small to mid-sized businesses. Whether you need a BtoC or a BtoB solution Web Corp can deliver

  • Web Development

  • Data transformation services including web services for transferring and receiving data

  • Custom programming

  • Video editing and delivery



Venxia® uses state of the art responsive design that customers now expect from e-commerce sites. Whether the end user is shopping using a tablet, phone or computer our responsive interface will give the user a fantastic shopping experience.

This software is built on a scalable platform allowing our product to grow with your business. Because of this we are able to add customizations in a short period of time.

Venxia® can be a standalone e-commerce system or it can be integrated directly into your back-end system using our API. Standalone systems can manage web data via an online data management tool.

Today's web applications need to be designed with full search capabilities. Web Corp utilizes open source technology to make this possible. Advanced Search capabilities are integrated into Venxia®e to make a for a greater user experience and to facilitate accurate results from end user queries.

Some of the features of our system:

  • Standalone or Integrated
  • Manage all of your data on-line in the Standalone version
  • Tier1 & Tier2
  • Micro-sites for wholesale customers
  • Responsive Design
  • Scalable from small sites to enterprise
  • Advanced search capabilities
  • Separate catalog integration
  • Google analytics integration
  • Marketing Ad customization
  • Self hosted or hosted on our servers

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Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce

In the extreme web world more customers are demanding mobile apps to do their online shopping. We at Web Corp realized this and have put together both an IOS and Android version of a shopping app. These apps have all of the capabilities of the regular web site including the scanning of UPC codes in order to get product detail information including pricing for the customer's account.

Features of Mobile Commerce:

  • Integrated into Venxia®
  • Google analytics integration
  • Scanning of UPC codes for retrieving product details

Punchout Commerce

Many large companies need an integration to systems such as SAP® and Microsoft Dynamics® require a "Punchout" system with their catalog to be integrated into their backend system. This can be extremely costly for a small business. Web Corp has seen a big demand in this type of integration and developed a punchout system for this purpose.

Features of Punch-out Commerce:

  • Will integrate using cXML
  • Google analytics integration
  • Integration of purchase order into your ERP system

Digital Paper

Do you wish to publish an on-line catalog and or flyer? With our Digital Paper application you can give your customers an on-line catalog and flyer that is completely integrated into Venxia®. Your customer can browse a beautiful catalog and add an item directly to a shopping cart on Venxia®.

Features of Digital Paper:

  • Full integration to Venxia®
  • Searching capabilities with the catalog